How is your PV plant? Chose MRP for your check-up

elettroluminescenza fotovoltaico in campo MRP impianto come sta

Do you know what the installer of your photovoltaic system and your handyman electrician have in common? Both of them turn to MRP if your system does not work as it should (provided they tell you that something went wrong…)! This is because the MRP team is made up of experts in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells and modules for almost 20 years and technicians capable of finding the defects that cause underperformance.

From 2013 we use the electroluminescence technique in the field (first in Italy). Recently we have introduced the use of DIVs (Dark IV) always at night, with which we are able to do a quick pre-analysis of the strings and then concentrate on the areas of the system most affected by problems. We want to be EFFECTIVE and QUICK to achieve the goals set with our customers.

We offer daytime checks of visual inspection, manual or drone thermography, electrical performance and safety measurements (IV curves, insulation, string parameters of open circuit voltages and Imp currents), PR plant efficiency and inverter efficiency checks. All with adequate and certified instrumentation.

Furthermore, we are specialized in night-time inspections of plants with cutting-edge techniques such as EL electroluminescence in the field, DIV dark curves and UV fluorescence.

The summer is coming. AND HOW IS YOUR PLANT?