1.5 MWp plant analyzed with electroluminescence

The 100% of the utility-scale plant was analyzed using EL tecnique

In the last few days, MRP engineers have completed the electroluminescence inspection on a PV power plant with more than 1500 kWp power. The plant, located in northern Italy and installed on a roof, was made up of over 6500 modules that were all inspected and categorized by MRP with the tools that you can find on the page dedicated to the check-up kits.

MRP performed the analysis on the entire plant in only 4 nights. Furthermore, the survey has provided the customer precise instructions for updating the “as built” layout after some maintenance work on the plant. In fact, the EL technique performed on field allows us to highlight with absolute certainty the exact position of a given string. Elettroluminescenza outdoor MRPIt has also been possible to identify which modules are actually connected to a certain string of the system.

Why Electroluminescence?

It may happen that errors during the installation or maintenance of a plant are made when connecting a module (perhaps because it is located in an adjacent row) or an entire string. In these situations, the customer often does not realize the mistake except at the time of a check-up.

With an electrical analysis it is possible to detect the presence of connection problems, but to understand, for example, WHERE module is disconnected, electroluminescence must be used. Only in this way can you find some errors related to your system’s connections and the location of modules and strings.

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