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PV systems specialists
The increase in energy prices and the commitments undertaken by States in reducing the impact of human activities on the environment since the Kyoto Protocol, are dragging the market for renewable sources in a continuous growth. In this graph, the "National Action Plan for Italian renewable energies" of 2010, you can see the projection made for the installed capacity of renewable sources in Italy, until 2020.
It is expected that the source of solar photovoltaics will be one of those with greater development.
(Image source: Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, 2010)

In particular in the Italian PV installed power and the number of installations are shown in the graph below.
In this context, we propose as a reference for the specialists in the photovoltaic sector, for all activities relating installation and maintenance of PV systems.
(Image source: GSE, Rapporto statistico Solare Fotovoltaico, 2014)

Installers courses

On request MRP organizes training courses for PV systems installers.

Our staff can train you about:
  • reference standards for photovoltaics;
  • Components and technology used;
  • PV system design;
  • Maintenance, monitoring and performance measurement.
Our courses can take place either at your offices or in our reference location, in Padova.

Check-up training

Installed PV systems must keep being cost-effective and thus also checkup technicians should be abreast of the latest systems analysis techniques.

We organize courses to learn the main analysis methodologies to perform PV systems checkups.
With our expertise in the PV industry and over 10 years experience in systems analysis, you will acquire all the necessary skills to perform a accurate and more effective checkup.

We will train you in using specific tools for the most advanced analysis technologies, such as.
  • infrared analysis (IR camera);
  • electroluminescence;
  • electric performances (I-V curve).
You will always be able to evaluate the actual system performances, and which weak link makes it inefficient.

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