MRP at PV Reliability Workshop 2021 by NREL

MRP will participate in NREL’s PV Reliability Workshop (PVRW) which will be held from Monday 22 February to Friday 26 February with a presentation on the […]
connectors & connections photovoltaic

Connectors and connections: compatibility and critical points

Like any generation plant, even the photovoltaic ones are made up of a very precise number of main components (modules, string boxes, inverters, structures, measuring and […]
incendi nel fotovoltaico

Incendio nel fotovoltaico: sicurezza e prevenzione

Quasi 10 incendi nell’ultimo mese, di cui 2 nella sola provincia di Padova, hanno coinvolto altrettante coperture di capannoni con impianti fotovoltaici. Chiedersi se la tecnologia […]
Pulizia del fotovoltaico 1

Photovoltaic cleaning: better the specialists (the careful ones)

Sooner or later all the people in the industry come up with the fateful question: “Do I have to wash the panels? Is the photovoltaic cleaning […]

How is your PV plant? Chose MRP for your check-up

Do you know what the installer of your photovoltaic system and your handyman electrician have in common? Both of them turn to MRP if your system […]