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Connectors and connections: compatibility and critical points

Like any generation plant, even the photovoltaic ones are made up of a very precise number of main components (modules, string boxes, inverters, structures, measuring and […]
incendi nel fotovoltaico

Incendio nel fotovoltaico: sicurezza e prevenzione

Quasi 10 incendi nell’ultimo mese, di cui 2 nella sola provincia di Padova, hanno coinvolto altrettante coperture di capannoni con impianti fotovoltaici. Chiedersi se la tecnologia […]
Pulizia del fotovoltaico 1

Photovoltaic cleaning: better the specialists (the careful ones)

Sooner or later all the people in the industry come up with the fateful question: “Do I have to wash the panels? Is the photovoltaic cleaning […]

How is your PV plant? Chose MRP for your check-up

Do you know what the installer of your photovoltaic system and your handyman electrician have in common? Both of them turn to MRP if your system […]

Partnership with MBJ: new tools UV light and MobileLab

MRP is pleased to announce the partnership with MBJ to expand its range of instruments and survey techniques in the field. Thanks to this new agreement, MRP will […]