Street lighting in Lebanon by MRP

MRP concluded in Lebanon a LED street lighting project powered by an innovative system that integrates 3 types of electric power generation (PV – GENSET – GRID) at the Chabrough Dam for feeding the 70 street lamps.

MRP illuminazione Libano Diga di ChabroughMRP illuminazione Libano Diga di Chabrough

Reliability and convenience

MRP has won the project thanks to an effective concept design with a centralized generation & storage system, instead of using 70 single photovoltaic streetlights, reducing costs and increasing the reliability of the system.

MRP has provided concept & detail design of the system, including cable sizing, light spot positioning, as well as the supply of LED lamps, inverters, photovoltaic modules and batteries, all 100% made in Italy components.

During the supervision of the works, it was also possible to provide to the local EPC a technical Assessment for:

  • racking installation and  wiring of hybrid PV generation system
  • inverter house position, detail design and construction specifications
  • details definitions on wiring of street lamps, path definition for cables and lamps installation

Some images of the MRP Energy street lighting system

Andrea Ragni MRP illuminazione Libano Diga di Chabrough  Accumulo elettrochimico MRP illuminazione Libano Diga di Chabrough

Accumulo elettrochimico MRP illuminazione Libano Diga di Chabrough  Sistema integrato illuminazione Libano

MRP illuminazione stradale fotovoltaico Libano Diga di Chabrough