Check up

PV plants are supposed to run and
maintain their performances over 20+ years.

Durability and reliability of PV plants are often
below the expectations, due to problems related to:
  • Design and construction;
  • Selection of components;
  • Operation & maintenance.
We observed many installations worldwide where performances were
far below the minimum guaranteed values, as shown in the next graph:

Survey procedure

Our survey procedure covers all the aspects of a PV system functioning. We carry out technical assessments for end users, EPC, installers, banks, insurance companies, investment funds and leasing companies. We perform services for the evaluation of technical and quality aspects, economic, contractual, authorization and security concerns.

Our equipment allows us to make in field:

Outdoor EL analyses

elettroluminescenza EL PID
cricche elettroluminescenza EL MRP
elettroluminescenza EL MRP impianto fotovoltaico
elettroluminescenza EL fotovoltaico celle cricche
elettroluminescenza EL fotovoltaico
elettroluminescenza EL fotovoltaico celle cricche
Electroluminescence is the new frontier in PV checkups because it displays cells microcracks, PID problems, bypass diodes and ribbons/busbars false contacts.

IR analyses

termografia IR impianto fotovoltaico
termografia impianto fotovoltaico
termografia impianto fotovoltaico
termografia impianto fotovoltaico
Termografia surriscaldamento quadro elettrico
Termografia IR fotovoltaico drone
termografia fotovoltaico hotspot
Infrared images to discover a wide range of defects and damages in the PV system (hot spots, PID, bypass diodes malfunctioning, etc.).


Through our analysis, you can determine the operating status, measuring performance, and investigating the possible causes of the malfunction.

Periodic check-up are recommended to maintain a high performance ratio of the plant and to ensure the compliancy to the guarantees provided by the suppliers.

MRP check up steps:
1 - Visual inspection
2 - Instrumental analysis
3 - Final report with failure analysis, root cause and corrective actions.


To improve the performance of your PV system, to strengthen it or to replace some parts, you can revamp.

We can design your revamping, procure new components and determine the substitution procedure, according to the customer's needs and in compliance with the regulations.

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