About us

About us

In order to support our customers with the best services, MRP is organized with a Team of 15 Engineers and Technicians with high level of professionalism and skills. MRP has a proven experience in delivering technical support and can provide the right expertise where and when you need it. As our client you'll benefit from the outstanding network we've established over the years. The staff has been selected based on the company Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.

MRP Members of the Board are:

Andrea Ragni

holds an M.Eng degree in Engineering & Management, specializing in Water and Energy management. After one year working as Project Manager for the implementation of a plant producing automatic packaging machines in Mexico, Andrea worked in Photovoltaics (PV) from 2001 at Helios Technology, dealing with Technology Transfers, Maintenance, Development, covering the role of Plant Manager. He has given significant support to the PV industry with the invention and implementation of the first 0-Waste Water System completely integrated with the production of PV cells and modules.

Mark Peter Rossetto

holds an M.Eng degree in Electric Engineering, where he specialized in PV/wind and solar-thermal technologies. In 2002 Mark joined the R&D Team of Helios Technology. In 2004 he joined a European R&D consortium lead by CRAFT Reinhland TUV of Cologne, Germany to develop novel methods for the indoor characterization of PV modules with improved accuracy. From 2006 to 2010 Mark was Manager of both R&D and Product Development at Helios Technology where he selected new production technologies to scale up production from 6 MWp/year to 60MWp/year. From 2000, he successfully lead the development, certification and the commercialization of more than 30 new PV products. Since 2014 Project Manager leader at MegaCell for the technology transfer of a novel bifacial solar cell technology (BISON).

Mission and values

MRP is a privately owned company founded in 2011 providing impartial and independent services to the renewable energy and energy conservation industry.


MRP was created to provide businesses and institutions who work in the fields of renewable energy and energy conservation with independent consulting and engineering services, technologies, products and integrated skills made available joining qualified professionals with proven track record of decades of success in this field.

Practical goal of MRP is to promote the economical, social and environmental success of its clients and employees. To achieve this goal, MRP is committed to building strong collaborative relationships, providing excellent skills necessary to guide and support clients and partners in developing their projects and ideas, both in Italy and abroad.

MRP, in its "higher ambitions", promotes the responsible and resilient development of modern society and the conservation of limited natural resources.


MRP’s reference values ​​are based on the principles of Honesty, Loyalty, Professionalism, Sustainability and Resilience.
  • Expertise and Reliability: we provide our customers with the expertise and reliability built on the union of diverse skills, developed during many years of successful experience.
  • Flexibility: MRP works to meet the needs of our customers, offering new visions and solutions as required, following the development of projects and promoting continuous improvement.
  • Passion: we are excited in our daily work by the challenges our clients and partners pose to us and we aim to reducing waste and improving production and energy efficiencies. Excellence and to creativity are the tools we use to achieve competitiveness and sustainability for our clients.
  • Partnership: we approach our clients with a co-operative attitude, proposing and promoting long term collaborative relationships based on transparency, mutual trust and loyalty. We believe that only a durable, resilient and robust partnership can create value.
  • Confidentiality and Trust: MRP believes that the protection of Intellectual Proprietary and specialized knowledge of its clients and partners is the basis of its development and success: we are aware that trust and the loyalty, with and amongst its partners, make the difference between cooperation and competition.

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