Partnership with MBJ: new tools UV light and MobileLab

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Partnership with MBJ: new tools UV light and MobileLab

MRP is pleased to announce the partnership with MBJ to expand its range of instruments and survey techniques in the field.

Thanks to this new agreement, MRP will distribute the MBJ services kits for UV inspections and the innovative MobileLab simulator in Italy and Mexico. New tools to always be at the forefront of field survey techniques, with one goal: EFFECTIVE SURVEYS


The accuracy of laboratory measurements, directly in the field?

Mobile Lab MRP Partnership with MBJNow it’s possible! After the electroluminescence technique, a prerogative of the laboratories until a few years ago, MRP brings the certified simulator into the field. It will be possible to perform very precise performance tests in photovoltaic systems, whatever your goal is:

  • incoming quality inspections for modules in new installations
  • verification of agreement and quality of the products supplied
  • periodic checks of the performance and electrical safety




Quick microcracks check on the modules?

MBJ UV light MRP

The new UV inspection technique allows a quick analysis on already installed systems!

MRP MBJ UV light

With a light and rechargeable kit you can find microcrack on cells and mechanical damage on your modules without any kind of power supply. A really useful tool for evaluating the age of cracks, especially in cases of hail damage or other atmospheric and non-atmospheric events.



For information on tools and services, please contact us!

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