Ben Damiani riporta l'esperienza di xSi Solar nella collaborazione con MRP per il revamping della linea di produzione celle

New revamping in xSiSolar plant – Atlanta, USA

MRP was chosen by the US start-up “xSi Solar” for the installation, revamping and commissioning of a Baccini Softline, Despatch fast firing oven and Berger flasher. […]

MRP new Latin America division in Mexico

MRP has a division in Mexico oriented to local market needs, very thirsty technical expertise in the photovoltaic sector, very promising in the coming years. The […]
EL outdoor - MRP, Padova

EL training and instruments to Moroni&Partners

In the next weeks MRP will provide the company “Moroni & Partners” its training services, as well as tools for checking and outdoor analysis by the […]

Expo 2015 – the BIPV plant by MRP

MRP was selected by the company Stahlbau Pichler as Technical Advisor for the BIPV plant construction on the Italian Palace, Expo 2015 in Milan (Italy). The […]