Test field photovoltaic site: MRP third party services

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Test field photovoltaic site: MRP third party services

Test field MRP photovoltaic

We are pleased to announce that in February 2021 the independent test field campaign led by MRP for a prestigious Asian laboratory has started.

In the video that we share below from our YouTube channel we show some of the spaces available in our test site, including incoming inspection tests on the modules and continuous monitoring of operation, degradation and performance.

Furthermore, the field test campaigns by MRP continue also at the photovoltaic plants of important Italian and foreign customers, for the evaluation and the technological choices that guide the following revamping, repowering and new plants to be built.

The deep know-how of the different PV technologies arriving on the market by the main world manufacturers is the base for a correct evaluation of the analysis data. Field tests therefore allow us to make more informed and targeted choices, as well as validate the simulations that are the base of our customers’ solar PV projects.


Test field photovoltaic site by MRP: drone video

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