A2A chooses MRP for photovoltaics: check-up and design for revamping and repowering

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A2A chooses MRP for photovoltaics: check-up and design for revamping and repowering

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A2A spa, the Italian multi-utility with activities in the production, distribution and sale of energy, has chosen MRP as technical advisor for the analysis and diagnosis of the photovoltaic systems installed at some of its thermoelectric sites.

Step 1: field tests and diagnosis

MRP was selected to perform in-depth technical check-ups using advanced investigation and diagnosis techniques. The plants, which are installed in strategic sites for the production / transmission of energy in Italy, have been subjected to:


A2A fotovoltaico checkup revamping repowering MRP elettroluminescenza


Step 2: concept design of the PV systems for A2A and final design 

MRP has identified the possible intervention options for restoring the correct operation of the plants. A study of possible technical solutions, components to be installed and estimation of the new plant power focused on the following interventions:

  • revamping – replacement on existing section
  • repowering – creation of a new section of the plant using the existing structures

The study therefore identified the main technical (power, energy) and economic (cost of interventions and return times) parameters obtained by restoring the original performance of the plant and by increasing the overall power for each site.


Finally, the drafting of the final projects and of all the project documentation for A2A on the revamping and repowering sections was carried out, for a total of over 4 MWp, including metric calculations, technical reports and producibility estimates with the certified pvSyst software.


Step 3: final checks and and testing for A2A

As a consultant for A2A, MRP is in charge of supervising the testing with indication of the tests according to CEI 82-25 regulations and guides.


Article by Giovanni Guiotto and Mark Rossetto – MRP Srl

January 2021

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